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Want a Career in Graphic Design?

Graduates of the Graphic Design Specialist program will possess core office skills in addition to learning developing design concepts, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, working with type, and web design.

Employment options could include a variety of print companies, newspaper, advertising and marketing firms, as well as graphic design departments.

Start dates: March 4, 2019 and September 3, 2019.

Duration: 10 months - includes an 8-week practicum

Make an appointment with our program advisor today to know more about the Graphic Design Specialist program!

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Spring Your Career Forward!

Start date: March 4, 2019 

  • Student loan funding may be available

  • Small class sizes

  • Upon graduation, access preferred job leads

(Note: limited seating is available)

Computer Program:

Graphic Design Specialist (10 months - includes a 2-month work practicum)

Administrative Programs:

Administrative Assistant (9 months)

Administrative Assistant + Accelerated* (7 months)

Administrative Assistant + Accelerated - Legal Major* (9 months)

Administrative Assistant + Accelerated - Medical Major* (9 months)

*for Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents only

Business Programs:

Accounting (10 months)

Business Administration  (10 months)

Mining Industry Business Specialist (10 months)

Legal Programs:

Legal Assistant (10 months)

Legal Administrative Assistant (10 months)

Healthcare Programs:

Medical Administrative Assistant  (10 months)

Medical Administrative / Clinical Assistant  (10 months)

Call 306-244-6333 to request more information or click here.


Over 110 Years of Quality Education

Over the past 110 years, SBC has continuously equipped students with relevant and essential skills needed to succeed in whatever career they choose. From its secretarial days, SBC has developed a wide range of career programs like medical, legal, business and accounting, I.T. network administration, and graphic design. SBC keeps up with these ever-changing times, providing employers with quality graduates who have the skill set to succeed in the modern workplace.

SBC Online Learning

Next start dates: April 17, 2019 and Sept. 18, 2019

To register, visit Online Learning and submit online or download the registration form.

All costs include textbooks where required.


Accounting / Bookkeeping (411)

Debits, credits, reconciliations, payroll for business and accounting. 
Tuition: $600 | Length: 12 weeks | Online

Financial Accounting (412)
Learn to analyze transactions and best accounting practices for business. 
Tuition: $700 | Length: 16 weeks | Online 

Payroll Administration Fundamentals (530)
Learn the basics of payroll administration
Tuition: $550 | Length: 6 weeks | Online 


Medical Anatomy & Terminology (912)
Learn or refresh your knowledge—for medical office professionals. 
Tuition: $700 | Length: 16 weeks | Online 

Medical Administrative Procedures (914)
Legal, ethical & professional administrative procedures for medical offices. 
Tuition: $450 | Length: 4 weeks | Online 

Medical Clinical Procedures
Taking both the Theory and Lab courses is required to receive a completion certificate for the Medical Clinical Procedures course.

Medical Clinical Procedures (925) - Theory
Understand the administrative and clinical procedures of a primary health care facility.
Tuition: $ 550 | Length: 6 weeks | Online

Medical Clinical Procedures (926) - Lab
Practice hands-on clinical procedures of a primary health care facility.
Tuition and Length: Contact SBC for details | On Campus


Unit Assistant Procedures (950)
Understand the duties of the Unit Assistant, including ordering and stocking of supplies. and assisting patients to appointments within the hospital.
Tuition: $550 | Length: 6 weeks | Online

Mathematics, Finance, Economics, & Marketing

Mathematics (311)
Solve and prove simple business calculations and problems for business. 
Tuition: $550 | Length: 6 weeks | Online 

Mathematics of Finance (312)*
Learn to calculate interest, discounts, solve more complex accounting problems for business. 
Tuition: $600 | Length: 12 weeks | Online

Personal Finance 
EnRICHed Academy is the first of its kind video-based educational program specifically designed to teach students how to earn, save, invest (through stocks & Real Estate), master credit and their careers in a way that is totally entertaining and completely easy to absorb. 
Tuition: $150 | Length: 6 weeks | Online 

Micro/Macro Economics (517)
Study small and large scale economics for accounting and business. 
Tuition: $700 | Length: 16 weeks | Online

Marketing (518)
Think like marketers by walking them through the decision-making process real marketers’ face on a daily basis on a large and small scale.
Tuition: $600 | Length: 8 weeks | Online 

Records, Communication, Keyboarding, & Word

Records Information Management (522)
Learn to manage digital and paper files and records effectively.
Tuition: $550 | Length: 6 weeks | Online 

Communications (211)
Enhance business vocabulary through review of synonyms, commonly confused words, plural nouns, and possessive nouns.
Tuition: $550 | Length: 6 weeks | Online

Gain approximately 25 wpm (words per minute) with accuracy and gain confidence in the workplace.
Tuition: $450 | Length: 4 weeks | Online

Microsoft Word 2016 (672)
Upon successful completion of this course, students will have gained knowledge of Microsoft Word 2016  Students will also continue to build keyboarding speed and accuracy.
Tuition: $700 | Length: 16 weeks | Online


For more information visit: or call 306-244-6333. 

All courses may be used as credit towards a relevant diploma program from Saskatoon Business College.

*Prerequisites may be required. 
**SBC reserves the right to cancel a class if minimum enrollment is not reached.

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