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October, 2017
Message from the director

Coady International Institute is committed to the development of global leaders through the principles of citizen-led, asset-based, and community-driven leadership for economic and social change. Our institute’s new strategy - "Toward a Full and Abundant Life for All, 2017-2022” - has been finalized, and we are keen to implement the next, exciting phases of Coady’s work. The delivery of high-quality education that meets the needs of our participants has always been the core of Coady. Our programs’ three key areas - building resilient communities, strengthening inclusive economies, and promoting accountable democracies - form the foundation for generations of world leaders, and we are confident that our courses prepare participants to meet the evolving challenges of the global world.

What's happening at Coady?

We are honored to have Dorene Bernard as our 6th Annual Coady Chair in Social Justice. Ms. Bernard has dedicated her life to sharing her teachings and building alliances to promote Indigenous world views on the environmental impacts of climate change.

Read more about Ms. Bernard, and the Coady Chair in Social Justice here.

Alumni news


“Now I see I’m not the only one!” The women in her group all have “different angles, different perspectives, and are from different countries,” but their aim is the same: to make things a little better than they once were.

Read more about Zamira’s story.


“I am amazed at the calibre of graduates and I am proud that I am going to be part of it."

Read more about our 2017 graduates as they reflected on their experience.


Grace Sheehy was a 2015-2016 OceanPath Fellow where she worked in Yangon, Myanmar. She headed a participatory sexual and reproductive health education initiative which involved working closely with a group of 20 young women from Yangon to design and develop sexual and reproductive health materials. Grace is pursuing a PhD at John Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she is specializing in international sexual and reproductive health. For more information on our OceanPath Fellowship, click here.

To find out about our upcoming certificates, click here.

Global leadership

Asset-Based Community-Driven Development, or ABCD, teaches participants to understand and appreciate the value of their belongings, and to use their various natural, physical, human, social, cultural and financial assets to improve their livelihoods. Take a look at this approach in practice within a community in western Kenya where farmers have increased their income and improved their living standards.

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Expanding your knowledge

Coady International Institute contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the field of development by documenting its practice and experience, as well as that of its partners. Here are our most recent publications:

Mathie, A., Cameron, J., & Gibson, K. (2017). Asset-based and citizen-led development: Using a diffracted power lens to analyze the possibilities and challenges. Progress in Development Studies 17(1), 54-66. focuses on the application of ABCD in the Philippines, Ethiopia and South Africa, and finds that ABCD can reverse internalized powerlessness, strengthen opportunities for collective endeavors and help to build local capacity for action.

For information about our ABCD course, click here.

Monica Diochon, Yogesh Ghore, (2016) "Contextualizing a social enterprise opportunity process in an emerging market", Social Enterprise Journal - The purpose of this paper is to contribute to a better understanding of how a social enterprise opportunity is brought to fruition in an emerging market.