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Industry News

Manufacturing Grows For 17th Straight Month
Manufacturers likely increased output at the same pace in December as the previous month, notching the 17th straight month of growth. Click here for full story.

The State Of Today's U.S. Worker
Former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner discusses the state of the average U.S. worker in today's globalized tech industry, and how companies who are trying to make their enterprises efficient and global are treating their workforce. Furthermore, Gerstner touches on just how these workers can position themselves for success in this environment. Click here to watch the video.

Despite Canadarm, robotics industry needs investment to get off the ground
Mention robotics to Canadians, and the first thing they might think of is the Canadarm. However, experts in the field say the industry here has expanded well beyond that well-known space tool, and into medical, automotive, and manufacturing applications. Click here for full story.


Full-time students will become a rare breed
Distance-learning via video conferencing has been described as about as inspiring as watching bad TV. So when universities and colleges vie to promote their use of technology in teaching, you might be forgiven a skeptical sneer. In fact, educational technology has moved on, in both quality and availability. Click here for full story.

Automation drives demand for PLC technicians
He had been working in the automotive industry as a robotics/controls technician when the market took a dive and he found himself unemployed. When he finally landed another job after a year-long search, Sebastian Jocz quickly upgraded his skills to become a programmable logic control (PLC) technician. Click here for full story.

Our Programs

Flexible Financing
The technical training programs at George Brown College offer you convenience and flexibility you won't find by attending a class on campus. Learning materials, tutoring, and technical support are all included in the price of our tuition. Take advantage of our flexible payment options now. Click here for more details.

Learning to Program Robots with Simulation Software
One of the main features of the Robotics program is the complete integration of laboratory experiments and projects within the presentation of theory. RoboLogix, is a state-of-the-art robotics simulation software package that is designed to emulate real-world robotics applications. With RoboLogix you can teach, test, run, and de-bug programs that you have written yourself using robot arms and end effectors in a wide range of practical applications. Click here to watch the RoboLogix Demo.

success story

Jay Viernes is a graduate of the Electronics (ET) and Electromechanical (EM) Technician programs and is currently enrolled in the Robotics Technician program. Jay initially enrolled in the EM program as a way to upgrade his skills and increase his job prospects. “….I operate cranes and forklifts but wanted to better understand how the machines worked …. taking these programs gives me more opportunities.”

In addition Jay found the simulation software particularly beneficial in helping understand the program material, “I liked working on the simulation labs, it was like being in a real lab but better because I could do labs over and over again but not worry about breaking anything. The program was set up in a way that made it easy to use’.

Fabian Munoz


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